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Executive Staff

Andy's Picture

Andrew Damiano

Andrew is a former Air Force pilot, an experienced general aviation pilot and has advanced education degrees in business and finance. His flight ratings as well as experience in aircraft dealership management made for an easy transition to ownership of Aviation Marketing Group, Inc. He takes pride in that the company has received the highest sales awards from the manufacturers we represent for the past sixteen consecutive years. The company’s progressive marketing practices, extreme focus on the client’s needs and industry wide respect from his peers has kept Andrew in the forefront of aviation professionals for thirty years.


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Mitch Velickovich

Mitch has worked with Aviation Marketing Group, Inc. since 1994 and is a specialist in our Latin American operation. He assists in supervising the contacts that allow us to expand our business base in the southern hemisphere. Mitch comes from an aviation family as his father was a tail gunner for the RAF before immigrating to Peru. His personal credentials include a Certified FAA Pilot rating as well as several FAA class aviation technician licenses. Mitch is fluent in English, Spanish and conversational in Portuguese. The combination of these skills gives him a unique ability to complete complicated and technical transactions to the benefit of our clients.


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Djordje's Picture

Djordje Velickovich

Djordje is our Resident Sales Manager for the territory of Peru.  A proficient pilot with ATP rating and knowledgeable in start up operations, he has expertise in airline operations from Caravan through Boeing series aircraft.  A former flight department manager for the United Nations agricultural division with worldwide flying experience, Djordje brings the operational and business aviation fields together.  Our leading Salesman in all Latin America, Djordje’s combined abilities in the territory of Peru are an invaluable asset for both new and existing operators.


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Luis' Picture

Luis Foianini

Luis Foianini is the resident salesman and representative of Aviation Marketing Group in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  He has a rich background in the tourism industry in Bolivia and has served as a representative of the Chamber of Commerce for trade and industry.  In addition, he has been instrumental in the success of the industry expositions for various trade organizations in Bolivia.

His experience in the telecommunications business has prepared him for the technical aspects of the aviation industry.  From a family and friends influential in the aviation culture of Bolivia, we are pleased to have him represent the product lines of Cessna, Beechcraft and Bell Helicopter as well as the service and management aspects to our current and future Bolivian clients.

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Ben's Picture

Ben Howe

Ben joined Aviation Marketing Group, Inc. to assist with Marketing and Administration as well as web site design and IT work. He assists the principals and sales force with marketing campaign design as well as web site structure. Ben stays in contact with our current, past and future clients to assist them with aircraft appraisal, market conditions and answer questions as well as prepare our tailored marketing solutions. His credentials include: a Certified FAA Pilot rating, an advanced degree in marketing with further emphasis on computer programming and communication skills. Ben is an asset to AMG, Inc. in that he helps provide top level customer service and communication.


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