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2013 Embraer Legacy 650- Scroll down for pictures - click here for printable description.

2013 Embraer Legacy 650
Airframe Time: 1281 TT | Engine Time: 1281 SNEW | Price: Make Offer

Dual Honeywell VHF-Nav RNZ-851
Honeywell Marker Receiver RNZ-851
Honeywell Glide Slope Receiver
Honeywell ADF
Honeywell DME
Dual Honeywell VHF Comms RCZ 833K
Honeywell Cabin Management CM-950
Dual Honeywell Radio Management RM-855
Honeywell Weather Radar WU-880
Dual Honeywell HF Comms KRX-1053
Honeywell Audio Panel
Artex ELT C406-2
Dual Honeywell FMS NZ-2010
Honeywell GPS GP-550
Honeywell Radio Altimeter RT-300
Honeywell A/P Controller PC400
Dual Honeywell Integrated Computer IC-600
Honeywell Guide Controller GC-550
Honeywell CVR SSCVR
Honeywell TCAS II
Dual Honeywell ADC AZ-950
Aircell SATCOM ST3100

Additional Information:
Passenger Seats VIP Configuration, 13 pax configuration
1 Flight Attendant seats
1 Lavatory in rear cabin
1 ExecutiveGalley
First Aid Kit 1 AFAK (Nordam)
Lavatory Firex 2 (Pacific Science)
Cargo Firex 2 (Pacific Science)
Cabin Portable Firex 1 (Nordam)
Cockpit Portable Firex 1 ((Nordam)
Oxygen Masks 3 (Scot Aviation)
Pax Cylinder Oxygen 2 (Pacific)
Cabin Portable Oxygen 1 (Nordam)
Crew Cylinder Oxygen 1 (Puritan)
PBE 2 (Pacific)
Smoke Hood 1 (Embraer)
Under Water Beacon 2 (CVR & FDR)

Operational Weight:
Date of Last Weighing : 30-Apr-13
Maximum Take of Weight : 53,572 lbs
Maximum Landing Weight : 44,092 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight : 36,156 lbs
Basic Empty Weight : 31,108.06 lbs
Fuel Capacity : 3,086.00 gallons

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Legacy 650 Embraer 135BJ Embraer Legacy Embraer Legacy Embraer 135BJ Embraer 135BJ
Embraer 135BJ Embraer 135BJ Embraer 135BJ Embraer 135BJ Embraer 135BJ Embraer 135BJ
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