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2012 Embraer Phenom 300 - Scroll down for pictures - click here for printable description.

2012 Embraer Phenom 300
Serial Number 80 | Registraion PK-RJD
Airframe Time: 610 | Engine Time: 610 | Price: Make Offer

Transponder Mode S RCZ-852 ACSS
Interface Unit GEA 71 Garmin
Satelite Weather & Radio Receiver GDL 69A Garmin
GPS & Weather & Radio Antenna GA-37 Garmin
Integrated Avionic Unit GIA-63W Garmin
AHRS GRS-77 Garmin
Magnetometer GMU-44 Garmin
Audio Panel GMA-1347D Garmin
Phasing Coupler - Sensor Systems
VOR/LOC/ VHF Antenna - Sensor Systems
ELT Kannad 406 AF Martec
Marker Beacon Antenna - Sensor Systems
Iridium Unit GSR-56 Garmin
Glide Display Unit GDU 1240A Garmin
DCU GSD 41 Garmin
IESI - Thales
Headset HME 26-K Senheiser
Handmic - Holmco
Magnetic Compass - SIRS
Weather Radar with 12" Antenna GWX 68 Garmin
DME/XPDR/TCAS Antenna - Sensor Systems
Smart Probe (IASP) - Goodrich
Pitot Static Probe - Goodrich
Cockpit Speaker -

Avionic Service
FMS Panel GCU 477 Garmin
CVDR Microphone - L3
CVDR Unit - L3
Radio Altimeter KRA-405B Honeywell
Datalink Management Unit GDL-59 Garmin

Type of Inspection 600FH/12M 1200FH/24M 1800/36M
Date of Compliance Jun-13 Jun-14 Jul-15
Total A/F hours 252.9 436 507


C of A July 2017
C of R July 2019
Radio License June 2017
Compass Swing June 2017
Weigh & Balance July 2019
Date of Last Weighing July 2015
Maximum Ramp of Weight 8200kg
Maximum Take of Weight 8150kg
Maximum Landing Weight 7650kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 6350kg
Basic Empty Weight 5169.6kg
Fuel Capacity 2450kg
Type Model PW535E
Time Since New 610
Cycle Since New 363


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Phenom 300 Phenom 300 Phenom 300 Phenom 300
Phenom 300 phenom 300 Phenom 300 Phenom 300


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